Killzone image overload!

We've gone into Killzone overload with 32 new images of this highly anticipated first-person shooter from Sony. Take a glimpse into the designing world of the game with these concept images that show the progression from initial line drawings to high-res completion of an idea.

We particularly like the look of the new guns revealed in this artwork bonanza. There are a total of 21 weapons in the game and each one has a secondary fire function. On display below is what looks like a triple-headed missile/rocket launcher but the one that really caught our eyes is the mini-gun grenade launcher. It's reminiscent of Arnie's gas grenade launcher in Termninator 2 when he made short work of the cops at the Cyberdyne bulding. Here's hoping it makes a similar phoot sound...

There are at least five fixed-position weapons in the game and we get our first look at one of them here. Pretty much looking like an anti-aircraft gun, it begs the question are there aerial battles in Killzone?

Killzone has a very distinct look to all its constituent parts. From the Wipeout-esque vehicles to the bug-headed military suits, developers Guerrilla are creating a first-person shooter that will be instantly recognisable, like Halo. But will it be better than Xbox's most celebrated game?

Killzone is is due to be released on PS2 in autumn 2004.