Killer Instinct's (sort of) getting a new character in December

The Fast and the Furious threw The Rock into the mix. Tommy " the Green Ranger" Oliver became the Tommy "the White Ranger" Oliver. Any entertainment franchise worth its salt needs to throw in a twist now and then to stay fresh. And so, as we approach Season 3 of Killer Instinct, a costume gets its very own moveset.

In a post on Ultra Combo, the game's developers confirmed that Shadow Jago would be appearing as a fully-fledged character in December (no word on an exact date as yet, but the official word is "not too late"). We're not entirely sure on what that moveset will entail, but a livestream should be announced in the very near future.

It comes as part and parcel of the game's 2-year anniversary - another facet of which is the "It's A Celebration" challenge. It might look like a simple XP bump - you literally just have to finish a match in any mode - but it also acts as the entry condition for a competition to win a bevy of KI swag (including some swanky fight sticks). Here are the full set of steps to POTENTIAL VICTORY:

• Unlock the ‘It’s a Celebration’ Challenge in Killer Instinct by simply completing a match in any game mode
• Take a screenshot of the completed Challenge (Xbox App,, SmartGlass or a photo…any way you choose) with your Gamertag in the picture
• Post the screenshot of your completed Challenge in our forums (thread link here)
• Wait patiently

The Challenge only runs until Thursday, and entry to the competition ends 5pm PST on Friday, so get going!

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Joe Skrebels
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