Kickass Bruce Lee clones

First appeared in: Dead or Alive
Famous quotes: “Hachoo,” “Woocha,” “WooOOooh,” and many other fake words that are hard to spell.
Signature moves: Dragon Kick, Dragon Fist, Dragon Gunner, One Inch Punch
Most Lee-like moment: During a cut scene in the single player mode, Jann Lee rescues Hitomi from a T-Rex by delivering a flying kick to the dinosaur’s face. Now that’s how a real martial arts master would handle a random encounter with a dinosaur.

Above: This is how Bruce Lee would solve a dinosaur problem

Know your Lee: Jann Lee has a move that’s very similar to the one inch punch, a powerful blow performed extremely close to the target, and is a reference to one of Bruce Lee’s most famous physical feats. Although Bruce Lee didn’t invent the punch, he introduced it to the mainstream after demonstrating the technique at the 1964 Long Beach International Karate Championships.

Above: Bruce Lee unleashes his famous one inch punch

Above: If you beat the game with both of Jann Lee’s costumes, you’ll unlock the iconic yellow tracksuit from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death

First appeared in: Super Street Fighter II
Famous quote: “There could never be another legend like the great one and his son! I will honor their memory by training harder for their real fight.” – Fei-Long, Super Street Fighter II ending.
Signature moves: Rekka Ken, Fire Kick, Hair Throw
Most Lee-like moment: Fei-Long’s Rekka Ken was performed with a forward-quarter-circle-punch, and could be repeated three times to form a mini-combo. Each strike was accompanied by a very Lee-like “whoop,” and was followed by a slight pause, which captured the essence of Lee’s iconic fighting style in his films.

Above: Fei-Long’s character portrait also has Bruce Lee written all over it

Know your Lee: In the Japanese version of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Fei-Long was voiced by UWF fighter and professional wrestler Masakatsu Funaki. In Japan, Funaki is famous for taking and delivering big beat downs in the ring.

Above: Masakatsu Funaki took a break from beating on people for a living to play the fictional fighter, Fei-Long