Kickass Bruce Lee clones

First appeared in: World Heroes
Signature moves: Fist Fury, Shining Dragon Attack, Low Shining Dragon Attack
Famous quote: “Haccho! Remember my movie Enter the Gecko? No. Well, I’ll recreate the final scene.” – Kim Dragon, World Heroes win screen
Most Lee-like moment: World Heroes Perfect featured special ABC moves, which could be activated by tapping the A, B, and C buttons at the same time. Kim Dragon was definitely most Lee-like when using his ABC Shining Dragon Attack and Low Shining Dragon Attack moves to counter attack his opponent’s strikes.

Know your Lee: Like Fei-Long, Kim Dragon is offered the opportunity to become a movie star after finishing the game. But instead of turning down the chance, Kim Dragon quickly accepts and a new legend in tinsel town is born.

First appeared in: Tekken
Signature moves: Every version of his hard-to-block Flip Kick and his unblockable Dragon Fang
Most Lee-like moment: Every second in which you control Law is a Lee-like moment. Bruce Lee was fast and unpredictable. His whoops and screams were unnerving and threw his opponents off. Like Lee, Law’s move set is filled with hard-to-block attacks and unpredictable strikes that were easy to work into accidental combos. Because of his supreme Lee-ness, Tekken fans understand the threat that Law posed – even if he was controlled by a mere button masher.

Know your Lee: Did you know that Marshall Law and Paul are super BFF? In Tekken 2, Law tries (and fails) to teach his clumsy companion how to do a Flip Kick. The two also appear together in Urban Reign for the PS2.

Marshall’s Mustache: Law grew a very un-Lee-like mustache in Tekken 4. Fortunately, he decided to shave off his pathetic patch of facial hair in Tekken 6.

Above: Attentive fans will also notice that the scar on Law’s chest in Tekken 5 resembles the ones that Lee received in Enter the Dragon