KFC mascot, Pizza Hut shield class up Phantasy Star PSP

Well, we certainly didn't see this coming. Colonel Sanders, the fast food icon who has kind of been out of the limelight for years, will appear as a team member in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. This isn't like that guy who sneaked into the UN headquartersdressed as The Colonel. This is the real deal. Developers have actually created a character model based on the KFC mascot to use as a support character in battle.

Above: Either Colonel Sanders is depicted as some kind of butter-filled ninja in Japan, or this is the weirdest Phantasy Star tie-in we've ever seen

Apparently this is the 40th anniversary of the first KFC opening in Japan, and the restaurant's parent company Yum! Brands tapped Sega, the publisher behind the Phantasy Star series, to help celebrate.

The partnership doesn't end there. Yum! Brands also owns Pizza Hut, so Sega also put in a "Pizza Shield" as an equippable item in the game.

Above: When eaten, Pizza Hut pizza is the most bland and boring experience ever. But turn it into a weapon, and bam! You've got something

Unfortunately, it appears as though this epic greasy food tie-in will onlyhappen in Japan. The pizza shield item will still be available in the North American version, but the Pizza Hut logo will be erased. As such, it's unlikely The Colonel will appear in the US release either. But that doesn't mean you can't still go out and eat aDouble Downwhile you're in the middle of a gameplay session.

Before you start crying over the injustice, Japanese gamers never got their hands on Burger King's $4 Xbox 360 games that came out in 2006. So it's only fair that they get an exclusive fast food video game experience too.