Justice League Heroes - Super Moves - Part Two

Yesterdaywe peered into the extraordinary powers of Superman, Batman and the Flash - today we're shacking up with a backwards-talking magician and three other marquee members of the Justice League. Their combined abilities should be more than a match for any villains action RPG Justice League Heroes throws your way when it's released next week.

Zatanna may not be the most recognizable character from the Justice League, but her unique spell-casting powers make her a powerful ally to carry around. Instead of casting a spell by reciting a pre-made chant, she just has to say, out loud, what she wants to happen, and it does - as long as it's said backwards.

Here, a magical aura wraps Zatanna in a protective shell. It's a purely defensive move, but if you can perhaps power it up to a point where it envelops the other player, Zatanna could become a serious contender.