Just Cause 2 gets free DLC ice-cream truck of death

If you've been playing Just Cause 2 for the last couple of weeks and are starting to get bored by its sprawling landscapes and combustible villages, it may interest you to know that the game's creators have dropped a violent, downloadablenew plaything into the world. And it can be yours, right now, for free. And also it's an ice-cream truck.


Don't groan just yet - the Chevalier Ice Breaker isn't just any ice-cream truck. It is, according to the press release, a "pimped-out" ice-cream truck, complete with a front fender reinforced by bull bars, making it suitable for ramming into things.

Above: Also it comes with what will no doubt be a maddening jingle

Honestly, we don't care how ridiculous it looks; so long as it's rugged enough to not get stuck between rocks in the countryside or shot to pieces during a getaway attempt, it'll probably be fun enough to drive a few times before we just start tethering it to helicopters and using it as a wrecking ball. In any case, it's free, so if nothing else it should make for an interesting change of pace from just floating all over the place with the parachute.

Above: OK, it handles fences well enough. But what about other cars? Or gas pumps?You'll just have to download it and see

Apr 8, 2010

Mikel Reparaz
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