Judge Dredd on Netflix or Amazon? Karl Urban says he's down

It's been nearly four years since Dredd, the ultra-serious, ultra-violent adaptation of Judge Dredd, slow-mo punched the silver screen. While plans for a Dredd 2 were formulated, the project never quite picked up enough steam for a return to theaters. But could a Netflix or Amazon Video version work? That's the question Den of Geek (opens in new tab) asked on Twitter, where they got support from an unexpected voice:

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That's Karl Urban, AKA Judge Dredd himself. While it's not anything official, it's still encouraging to see that the main man behind the mask would be willing to sign on for such a show. Urban later told Den of Geek that "the more voices that are out there calling for more Dredd the more likely it is to happen," which is a sentiment I can get behind.

Just look at Deadpool (opens in new tab), a film that was dead in the water until leaked test footage inspired fans to tell Fox how badly they wanted to see the Merc with a Mouth in proper form. And what happened then? Massive success. Hear that, Netflix? Hear that, Amazon? You could have the next Deadpool on your hands. Think about it!

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Sam Prell

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