Jude Law says Star Wars made him want to be an actor

Jude Law as Yonn-Rogg in Captain Marvel
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Jude Law says Star Wars is why he started acting.

"Probably the reason I started acting was running around a playground pretending to be Luke or Han or Chewbacca or Vader – that literally was what I was playing and acting as a child," Law recently told Entertainment Weekly. "And so being in it is both kind of surreal and seems very second-nature in some ways. And then also slightly out of body."

Law stars in the upcoming Disney Plus series Skeleton Crew, created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford. The series happens to be set during the New Republic era and is described as a coming-of-age story inspired by The Goonies which features a group of 10-year-olds trying to find their way home.

It hasn't been confirmed whether or not his character is a Jedi – though he looks very Jedi-like in a first-look scene shown at Star Wars Celebration.

Added Law: "Star Wars, for me, held a very particular place because it was as much a part of my childhood as going to school. Literally as far back as I remember, I remember having Star Wars in my life. It was the toys I played with, it was the toys I envied my friends had. I remember one of them having an AT-AT walker and I was never going to get given an AT-AT, so I'd go over and play at his house so I could use the AT-AT walker."

The actor became known as something of a heartthrob years ago before eventually going on to play (a rather scary-looking version of) Captain Hook in Peter Pan & Wendy and Yon Rogg in Captain Marvel. It's only fitting that he would eventually find his way into the Star Wars franchise.

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