Joker spotted in Chicago

It’s that time in every young Batman shoot’s life when grainy, long-distance videos of the hero’s car in action start cropping up on the web. And yes, it’s part of a chronically slow news day.

But there’s some excitement to be gleaned here – for while we’ve all seen the Tumbler (aka Batman Begins’ Batmobile) in action, these videos from a local US news station in Chicago also happen to feature Heath Ledger’s Joker.

It’s not exactly the clearest footage of the grinning villain, but it is a lot better than all those official photos we’ve seen. Those non-existent official photos.

Check out the footage here , unless you’re one of those types who absolutely, positively try to stay spoiler free. To those people we’d say avoid this next sentence: the Joker owns a skateboard. Yeah, really. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t just Ledger showing off what he learned in Lords Of Dogtown…

Oh, and current word on the trailer is that it’ll be in front of The Simpsons – and for anyone heading to Comic Con, chances are you’ll get a look there.

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