The Joker movie gets an R-Rating and will include strong violence and sexual imagery

Joker movie
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Joker fans can rest easy. The Joker movie is rated R – continuing a trend of Warner Bros. comic book movies to receive that rating, including Watchmen and V for Vendetta – and will feature strong language and violence, sexual imagery, and the curiously-named “disturbing behaviour.”

So, you wanna know how the Joker movie got its R-Rating? US ratings board Motion Picture Association of America has its verdict plastered over the Joker movie’s official site (H/T CBR), and states that the film features “strong bloody violence, disturbing behaviour, language, and brief sexual images.”

It’s clear that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker isn’t going to be clowning around when he makes his standalone debut in October. We’ve yet to see much of the psychopathic element of the Crown Prince of Crime in the first Joker trailer, yet the R-Rating hints that’s merely bubbling under the surface, waiting to explode.

The Joker movie now joins the likes of Deadpool and Logan as comic book movies recently slapped with the R-Rating, which is the highest commercial rating a movie can receive in the US.

A UK rating for the Joker movie hasn’t yet been released, though expect it to be given a 15 or 18 certification. The former is far more likely; an 18 has to push some serious buttons for the UK ratings board, and both Logan and Deadpool were only rated with a 15-age certificate despite copious amounts of blood ‘n’ cussing.

Meanwhile, it sounds like the Joker movie might not be a one-and-done deal, especially if audiences forgo the semi-restrictive rating and turn up on opening weekend in their droves. Director Todd Phillips recently told sister publication Total Film magazine, “If [Joaquin Phoenix] was willing to do [a sequel], and if people show up to this movie… I have a feeling that he and I could think of something pretty cool.”

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