Joe Carnahan will play some White Jazz

Having already dabbled in a dark and gritty world where corrupt cops stalk the streets and the innocent suffer with Narc, it seems somehow fitting that Joe Carnahan will tackle James Ellroy’s White Jazz, the book that follows LA Confidential.

He’s been out and about starting to promote his next film, the crazed action epic Smokin’ Aces, and while talking to CHUD he mentioned that one of his future plans includes bringing White Jazz to the screen. “My brother and I wrote the adaptation. That script is one of my favourites. It’s heartbreaking. It’s, to me, what that book always was – the point of departure from the Eisenhower ‘50s to the psychedelic freakshow, Manson ‘60s. It’s a total combination of the two with a heavy, heavy voice-over narration and a kind of classic noir. I love the script. I’m going to get it out there – once it’s done I’m going to get it on the Internet so people can read it.”

But if that sounds enticing, don’t get too excited just yet. Carnahan hasn’t finally decided to make White Jazz his next film. “There’s discussion of potentially doing a remake of the Preminger film Bunny Lake Is Missing. Why that interests me is because it’s completely the Ang Lee choice. What I love about Ang Lee is that Sense And Sensibility is nothing like The Ice Storm, is nothing like The Hulk, is nothing like Crouching Tiger, is nothing like Brokeback. It’s amazing. Soderbergh’s the same way.”

High ideals and hefty idols – but hopefully Carnahan can live up to them.