Jessica Jones struggles through an important anniversary in The Variants #1 preview

Variants #1
Variants #1 (Image credit: Marvel)

In the Marvel Multiverse, there's always some risk a character will meet an alternate version of themselves – a version whose circumstances and choices have led them down an entirely different life path. It's never quite clear how these meetings will go, but one thing is for certain: it has to be completely disorienting to meet someone wearing the same face, even in a world where superheroes and magic are real. 

In The Variants, a five-issue limited series debuting June 29, Jessica Jones meets several alternate versions of herself from across the Multiverse, and her reaction is less than stellar.

The Variants is written by Gail Simone, illustrated by Phil Noto, and lettered by Cory Petit. The story focuses on Jessica Jones as she completes what should have been a routine detective case and instead forces her to face multiple other Jessicas.

In the solicitation, Marvel asks, "Can Jessica get along with herself? Will she want to kill her other selves? And will seeing the lives she could have led drive her into a self-destructive spiral?"

Newsarama has a preview of The Variants #1, in which an unconscious Jessica is rescued by Daredevil before he convinces her to attend a trial and she goes home to her husband, Luke Cage. The issue picks up around the time of an important death anniversary, and Jessica appears to be doing her best to cope with the trauma… which will likely only make things more complicated with her Multiversal selves showing up.

Check out the preview below.

The Variants #1 goes on sale June 29.

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