Jennifer Garner spending Christmas In Connecticut

Jennifer Garner, despite her arse-kicking turn as Sydney Bristow on Alias, has always managed to maintain a certain air of homespun charm and all-round niceness.

So it makes sense that she’s lining up to star in Warner Bros latest film to be hauled from the vaults and given a fresh coat of remake paint – the comedy Christmas In Connecticut.

The original found Barbara Stanwyck’s cooking writer (think Nigella, but not quite as pouty) who has fooled her magazine audience into thinking that she lives on a picture-perfect farm in Connecticut with a gorgeous family. But in reality, she’s more like a culinary themed version of Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw – living alone in Noo Yoik.

There’s no writer or director attached to the film yet, so we’re not sure what spin this latest version will put on the story. One remake has already chugged on to screens – albeit small ones – as Arnold Schwarzenegger directed a TV movie version (with the character hosting a TV show) in 1992.

And Christmas will have to wait – Garner will be busy for a few weeks making Jason Reitman’s comedy Juno this February.

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