Jeff Bridges will Alienate People

The cast of How To Lose Friends And Alienate People – which already has Simon Pegg aboard playing the main character in Toby Young’s comic novel – just got both more attractive and funnier. Not that, you know, Pegg isn’t both, but still…

Gillian Anderson and Kirsten Dunst have just been signed up and now Jeff Bridges is joining the cast to play a version of snooty Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. "He brings gravitas to the part and the notion that he once would have been a rebel in his younger days," producer Stephen Woolley told The Hollywood Reporter . "Casting Jeff as the Carter character will stop people asking all the time who got the part."

According to Woolley, he and director Robert B Weide had been trying to get Bridges for a while, but scheduling conflicts kept stumbling in the way like a drunken Cannes journalist. But now they have their dream actor, they can start shooting next month in London and New York.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )