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Jane Goldman penning X-Men: First Class

Trust gobby old Jonathan Ross to break a big news story via Twitter.

The chat show host and constant controversy courter revealed this his screenwriter wife Jane Goldman is “Away writing X Men 4” via his Twitter feed.

No massive surprise there, considering X-Men: First Class has recently earned itself Matthew Vaughn as director – he and Goldman worked together on both Stardust and Kick-Ass .

We’re not sure if that means Goldman is working on the project alone, but chances are she’s co-writing with Vaughn just as she did on Stardust .

We’re assuming, though, that she’ll be buffing up the treatment laid down by Bryan Singer, which was previously written into a script by Jamie Moss.

Singer’s comments about the project – he’s remaining onboard as a producer while helming Jack The Giant Killer – have revealed that the film will mostly concentrate on the relationship between Xavier and Magnto, as well as the founding of Mutant School.

Goldman seems like a perfect fit for the flick, having proven herself a dab hand at comic action with Kick-Ass , and big set pieces with Stardust . If anything, it should be better than the disappointing Last Stand ...

Looking forward to what Vaughn and Goldman do with First Class ?