James Gunn teases new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 characters

James Gunn has treated fans to some tidbits about the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel during a Q&A session on Facebook. The director answered a whole host of questions about Vol. 2, including confirmation that there will be at least one new non-human character in the mix.

During the Q&A Gunn instructed fans to expect “something a little bit in the vein of the first movie and also different”, while also confirming that a younger, smaller Groot would be in action, after his rebirth at the end of the first film. “Drax is not the biggest fan of Baby Groot,” revealed the director.

“I’m not going to give names and I won't give numbers either, but there will be at least one new character,” continued Gunn, before clarifying that this will not be a human addition to proceedings. “There will be no other humans — 'humans' being earthlings — besides Quill.”

A question about a potential Avengers team-up provoked a weary response: “Everybody seems so addicted to this idea of seeing a character mashed up with another character, and that's just not my interest,” said Gunn. “My interest is to tell stories that are deeper and better about the characters that we've already known. Even though I am adding characters — one character, at least, in [Vol. 2], it really is about getting to know the characters better. It isn't about mixing and matching characters. That's kind of boring to me, actually.”

That said, the mention of comic book character Adam Warlock did prompt an intriguing answer: “You guys gotta wait and see. But, you know, you can't — everything's going to be different in the Infinity Wars.” Given Warlock’s links to Thanos in the comics, is that a hint that he’s on the way? Time will tell. In the meantime, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 will open in the UK on April 28 2017 and the US on May 5 2017.

George Wales

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