Jake Gyllenhaal's going straight to the moon

We really hope that Jake Gyllenhaal has been fully tested for space flight - because he's being loaded into a rocket and shot into orbit. No, it's not a bad review - it's the new, untitled moon project from Mr & Mrs Smith director Doug Liman.

The action film focuses on a private team of entrepreneurs who have become sick of America's slow progress in the current space race. Worried that someone else will get to claim the moon, they decide to go there themselves.

Liman and John Hamburg wrote the original script, but they drafted in Black Hawk Down novelist Mark Bowden to re-tool the story and bash out a new screenplay.

Whether it'll get going anytime soon is anyone's guess, since Gyllenhaal is already lined up for Jim Sheridan's Brothers, while Doug Liman is taking forever to finish sci-fi thriller Jumper. Oh and there's the small matter of the word everyone in Hollywood seems to be worried about - it begins with "st" and rhymes with "pike"...

Source: Variety