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Jabba the Hutt will feature in the Han Solo movie story (and he'll be part-CGI/part-puppet)

Han Solo pisses off most people, creatures, and miscellaneous aliens he comes into contact with, but none more so than Jabba the Hutt. Which is why news that the blobbish baddie might be appearing in the Han Solo movie is such a breath of fresh air after the firings of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The Hashtag Show is reporting that the galaxy’s most wanted smuggler and the gluttonous crime lord will cross paths, with Jabba the Hutt being part-CGI and part-animatronic puppet, with lessons having been learnt from George Lucas’ CGI overload.

Despite Lord and Miller departing, the “story is expected to stay the same” according to sources now that Ron Howard is taking over as director, with Jabba the Hutt being a big part as “Han’s history with Jabba will play out” in the movie. If we’re heading into prequel territory, it’s only right to see how Han and Jabba first crossed paths. I’m betting it’s not going to be a friendly chat…

Image: Lucasfilm

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