J.J. Abrams releases trailer for mystery project: watch now

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production team have released an enigmatic black and white trailer for a mysterious new project.

Supposedly going under the title Stranger , the trailer is just a minute long, comes with no title card, and basically gives away no plot details about the project whatsoever.

It's the very definition of a teaser.

Before we say anymore, check out the trailer below…

Well, yes. What was that, then?

Though it opens with a shot of stars, it's pretty safe to assume that this has nothing to do with Star Wars: Episode VII , so could this be a new TV show produced by Abrams?

Or is it another top secret movie ala Cloverfield , which took the similar teaser-dump route.

Considering how secretive Abrams and his team are known to be, we'll probably just have to wait and find out…

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