Is this Grand Theft Auto 5 race circuit map teasing the location for GTA 6?

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The latest DLC to hit Grand Theft Auto 5 has fans speculating that it contains clues of where GTA 6 might be set.

While it's all very much conjecture at this time – so please, take this all with a dump-truck full of salt – developer Rockstar got tongues wagging about the unannounced (but almost certainly coming) successor courtesy of a map that may intimate GTA 6 will take players back to Vice City, as well as Chicago and Mexico, too. It's thought it might be called Grand Theft Auto VI(CE).

How did the fans reach this conclusion? By roughly comparing the geography of GTA 5's "Height of Society" DLC race track with a map of North and South America, fans think the new game will take in Miami Florida – Vice City, in other words – the Great Lakes and Chicago, and Mexico (thanks, Comic Book). 

"Rockstar appear to tease what looks like a map that includes Florida and Mexico in the latest GTA 5 racing DLC's circuit packs," said one theorist. "Strengthening the rumours that GTA VI will be set in Vice City (Miami, Florida) and Southern American city/countries. GTA VI(CE) City seems like the title."

Take a peek for yourself and see what you think...

A stretch? Yeah, maybe. But if nothing else, it's proof we can't wait to find out for sure one way or the other...

As you might well expect, Rockstar is refusing to confirm nor deny the speculative rumours at this time. 

GTA 6 might not be official, but it is certainly inevitable. The developer's tax return may well have teased GTA 6 anyway, and the continuing success of GTA Online is essentially a guarantee that we'll see the franchise return - especially since is developer Rockstar's biggest IP. According to Steven Ogg - aka Trevor from GTA 5 - the highly anticipated sequel is coming "soon", explaining that Rockstar's "games take 7-8 years to make, do the math." 

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