Is the HALO movie still alive?

After Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp spent their Comic Con time telling us that HALO is dead, it looks like there might be flickers of life. is reporting that none other than Steven Spielberg might be interested in getting into the HALO business as a producer, thanks to Stuart Beattie's take on the script.

Last year, Beattie came out with an adaptation of Eric Nyland's prequel novel HALO: The Fall Of Reach, which chronicles how the game's main Master Chief character came to be and the tragic first contact with alien enemies the Covenant.

Since Beattie has come up with a way to keep the CG baddies off screen for half the film, it's a more affordable script than the first stab at turning the game into a film.

Right now, it's all unconfirmed web rumour, but the lads at IESB say their sources are solid - and Spielberg is certainly a man who can make things happen.

And he could certainly use a big action tentpole to prop up DreamWorks' new deal with Disney.

Whether it'll happen is anyone's guess - but with Hollywood obsessed with brand name ideas, don't count it out just yet...

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