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Is GTA off to Japan or Columbia?

While most of the world are still ploughing their way through the trail of the dead in , GTA's developers Rockstar are already planning their next headlong plunge into the immoral world of mouthy mobsters.

Their latest move has been to send a group of lawyers out to sign up a variety of potential game names, while at the same time lazily reaching out a paw to give the rumour mill a quick spin.

We have uncovered five potential titles for their next GTA game, with each one having been trademarked for use in the US.

They are:

  • GTA 5
  • GTA 6
  • Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo
  • Grand Theft Auto: Bogota
  • Grand Theft Auto: Sin City

  • So which is it to be? Is Tommy or CJ going to clock up the Air Miles mixing with drug mules and dealers in Colombia or double cross the Yakuza in Japan? Or is our hero about to take a bloody stroll down the messy streets of memory lane in Sin City?

    Or perhaps you think that these names are a decoy, a distraction, just as they were when Rockstar registered exactly the same list of names before San Andreas was released?

    Whatever version you prefer, why not place your bets on the roulette wheel of rampant speculation in and keep hitting for more GTA news.