Iron Man toys arrive!

Jon Favreau’s ace-looking take on Marvel Comics’ Iron Man is still a couple of months away (where’s a time machine when you need it?) but the licensing companies have already been working hard at producing the toys that sate the needs of kids and those who should probably know better but will want them for their desks at work… why are you looking at us that way? They’re collectables!

Ahem. A warning once more before you go any further: spoilers will be found simply by looking at the toys that CHUD found (via the Marvel news site Marvelous news). If you really, completely don’t want to know anything about the movie (and covered your eyes when anyone played the trailer), then don’t click the link right here .

And certainly don’t read on as this sentence starts our discussion of the fact that there is at least one other version of the Iron Man suit to be found here – in addition to the villainous Iron Monger suit. We’ve said too much already – if you really need to look, get thee to the link!

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