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Iron Man is in The Incredible Hulk!

If you’re a comic-book geek, you’re probably going to remember this summer for the rest of your life.

In August 2048, you’ll be sitting in some futuristic retirement home, when suddenly you’ll gaze down at your Bat logo t-shirt and smile fondly. And you won’t just be remembering The Dark Knight, but the moment comic-book movies started to crossover.

Because it’s official – The Incredible Hulk panel at ShoWest have confirmed that Robert Downey Jr will be appearing as Tony Stark in their flick.

Superheroes have been hopping from comic to comic since the form was invented – but this is the first time a lead actor of one film franchise has appeared in another.

What’s next? Tobey Maguire hanging out with the Human Torch in Fantastic Four 3? What superhero collaborations would you like to see? Head over to our forums to discuss!