Iron Fist's Finn Jones does two hours of martial arts every day to get in shape

Training to get your body in superhero shape is an imposing task regardless of who you are, but when the character you're playing is a martial arts master who gained his supernatural power from killing a dragon and is also known as "the living weapon," it's extra intimidating. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), Finn Jones talked about the prep work that he's going through for Marvel's next Netflix series, Iron Fist.

"Every day for the last month, I start my day with about two and a half hours of martial arts – which is kung fu and wushu mixed with a bit of tai chi, and other stuff as well," Jones said. "In the afternoon I’ll do weight training with a trainer to bulk me up and get my physically right for the part. And in evenings I’ve been doing meditation classes and learning Buddhist philosophies."

Jones told EW that he was excited to play a character that mixes physical dominance with spiritual elements. "There’s this contraction of on one hand he’s from a very wealthy family, he’s a billionaire, on the other hand he’s been in this world of K’un-Lun for a long time where he’s learned kung fu and buddhist philosophy," Jones said. It sounds like Jones and his trainers are on the right track for a faithful adaptation. We'll have to wait to find out though, as Iron Fist does not yet have a premiere date.

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Image: Marvel

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