Inversion achievement/trophy guide

The Tin Man


Defeat The Butcher (Any Difficulty)

During Chapter 4 at “The Butcher” checkpoint is when you will come face to face with this boss. Use the low walls around the parking garage to avoid The Butcher’s guns and run like mad when he starts launching his salvo of grenades at you. When running, grab the grenades that are around the area and toss them at the boss when you get the opportunity. When The Butcher gets down to about half his health, he’ll drop to the ground and you will need to run up to it. Press the button prompt when you do and The Butcher will now start to come after you. Now you will need to start shooting at the cockpit of the machine to destroy it. If the Butcher gets too close to you, he will run you over and insta-kill you, so be sure to leave lots of room between you two.



Use the Gravlink to kill 3 Lutadores with one object (Campaign)

During Chapter 6 “Road to Hell” and at the Broken Highway checkpoint, you will be under a freeway overpass with lots of cars around and a slew of enemies that come towards you. Wait for them to gather in a group and then pick up one of the cars next to you. Toss it down the street at them, aiming more in front of them, so that you don’t throw it over their heads, and letting it slide down the road to take them out. If you let the enemies gather together longer, your chances of getting the “Fivesome” achievement/trophy at the same time as this are better. If you don’t get it after tossing the car, simply reload the checkpoint as you will be right back at the same place.

William Tell Routine


Shoot off 100 Lutadore Helmets (Any Difficulty)

Having to pop off 100 helmets from the Lutadores seems a bit excessive, so make sure that every time you see one in the campaign, you are sure to aim for his head and try to shoot of his helmet. Shotguns seem to work the best for some reason and if you kill the enemy without popping of his helmet first, it won’t count. The Lutadores that you want to look for are the heavily armored ones whose helmets look like the Juggernaut’s for X-Men. The helmeted enemies look just like the large bald Lutadores – minus the helmet of course.

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