Inversion achievement/trophy guide

I'm Designer


Change your multiplayer character's appearance

In the multiplayer menu, simply press X/Square to enter the load out menu. Once in there, you will be able to choose a different head, torso, etc. for your Human and Lutadore character. Simply make a change and then exit out of the load out screen to get this reward.

Kicking Weightless Ass


Escape from a Lurker's grasp 5 times during single player

There are a few times during the campaign that you will run into the Lurkers. They are the women with yellow energy blades on their arms. The first time you run into them will be during Chapter 8 “Into the Depths” at the “The Lurkers” checkpoint. When they appear, they have two attacks they use.

One will be to jump on you and stab you repeatedly and the other is to grapple you, which will bring up a button prompt to free yourself. When you first arrive here, float in the air and let the Lurkers come to you. Sometimes they will stab you and sometimes they will grapple you. Let them grapple you five times and escape to get this. If the Lurkers all die without grappling you five times, simply reload the checkpoint to get the rest.

Low G Amateur


Perform 10 Finishing Moves using Low Grav Powers (Campaign)

To perform a finishing move with Low Grav powers, you first need to have an enemy floating in zero G. Once he is, use your grapple to grab him and then – provided he is still alive – you will be given a button prompt of B/O to finish him off in a one hit kill. Do this nine more times to receive this.

Low G Champ


Perform 50 Finishing Moves using Low Grav Powers (Campaign)

Much like the Low G Champ achievement/trophy, you will first need to have an enemy floating in zero G. Once he is, use your grapple to grab him and then – provided he is still alive – you will be given a button prompt of B/O to finish him off in a one hit kill. Do this a total of 50 times to receive this.

Man of Mayhem


Reach Diamond Grav Commander Rank

To receive this, you will need to reach 800,000 XP points by playing multiplayer matches and/or completing multiplayer challenges.

Master Blaster


Complete All Multiplayer Weapon Challenges

In the multiplayer menu, hit Y/Triangle to pull up the list of all the challenges that are available. There are Basic Challenges, Weapon Challenges, and Rank Challenges. To get all of the weapon challenges, you will need to complete each and every challenge for the weapons listed on each page. Almost all of the challenges require you to kill a specified amount of enemies (ie: a huge amount of enemies) which make this achievement/trophy a toughie to get, not to mention very time consuming. To view all of the challenges, press LB/L1 and RB/R1 to flip through the different pages of challenges.



Finish the Campaign with a Friend (Any Difficulty)

For this achievement/trophy, you need to play through the game with a co-op partner from beginning to end. Since the difficulty doesn’t matter, putting the game on Low G and playing with a buddy should have you breezing through it in no time at all.

Meet Your Master


Defeat The Prophet Kiltehr (Any Difficulty)

[VIDEO_Meet Your Master]

When you reach Kiltehr, he will have a shield around him that makes him impervious to your attacks. Focus your shots on his shield until the center orb opens up. When the ground tilts, head to the right of the area where there is ammo and half-walls to hide behind. Now aim your focus on the glowing orb as it opens and open fire on it. Sentry bots will appear around it, allowing you to grab them with your Grav Link and toss them towards it. Kiltehr’s shield will begin to regenerate, but as long as you keep firing at the center orb, it won’t replenish. Once Kiltehr starts to close, use the energy shotgun to unload on his shield to finish it off with some heavy damage. Once his shield finally goes down, unload on him with all you have and he will drop for good.

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