Inside Xbox April 7: How to watch and what to expect

If you, like many, were surprised by Microsoft's abrupt announcement, you may be wondering how to watch the Inside Xbox April 7 show. Well, look no further: the YouTube embed above has got you covered. 

The April 7 Inside Xbox show will start at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST. You can watch it via the YouTube link above - which should also serve as an archived VOD, assuming wires don't get crossed - or on the Xbox Mixer channel. 

Per Microsoft's announcement, the show will feature Grounded, the itsy-bitsy survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, as well as updates on Sea of Thieves and Gears Tactics. We'll also hear about some new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft says there's more in store as well. 

We were surprised and intrigued by Grounded when it was first revealed in November 2019, so it'll be good to get another look at it. Sea of Thieves is still quietly trucking along, so it's no surprise to see it back for another showing, especially given its upcoming Steam version. Meanwhile, Gears Tactics has proven to be a surprisingly smart strategy game on PC, so hopefully, we'll get a console release date during this week's show. 

As for those Xbox Game Pass announcements, well, the ball's in anyone's court. There's no telling what will be announced, but given the timing, there's a chance we'll finally learn when those Final Fantasy bundles are coming to the service. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out on PS4 tomorrow but won't come to other platforms for a year, so perhaps Microsoft will look to fill the void by beefing up its Final Fantasy library. That's just a guess, though, and an admittedly optimistic one. In any case, we'll round up all the announcements as they air, so check back after the show. 

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Austin Wood

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