Infinity Blade 2 unironically includes a purchasable Spike VGA ring

In one of the stranger examples of product placement in recent memory, Infinity Blade 2 includes a purchasable ring shaped like the logo for the Spike TV VGA awards. Seriously. Like, you can buy it in the in-game shop. In this amazing, mysterious fantasy world, you're able to purchase a gaudy, golden, diamond-emblazoned ring that looks like the logo from a television award show. Because that doesn't take us out of the experience or anything.

Above: It's actually not a bad ring, all things considered

We're really perplexed by this. We don't think that it's bad, per say. It's not like it's absurdly strong, and it doesn't actually show up on the character or anything, it's just... really... strange. If it was some sort of free thing that was given out the day of (or the day after) the VGAs we'd think it was a silly, near present, but it's how folded into the game this thing is. It's like no one at Epic thought it was the least bit strange that it would be in the game. Now we're frightened to continue - if the developer thought this was normal, what other marketing atrocities are in our future? How long until we run into Geoff Keighley brandishing an axe and challenging us to a duel? When will we get the McDonalds fry greatsword? At what point will we unlock the Plate Armor of Thirst-quenching Powered by the Dew?

We live in a strange, strange world.

Hollander Cooper

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