Immortality is Telling Lies director Sam Barlow's next game

Immortality has been officially revealed as the next game from the director of Telling Lies and Her Story. 

The trailer for Sam Barlow's new game closed out the Future Games Show Powered by WD BLACK, and gave us not only the game's title, but our first hints about what the game's story is about, as well as who is working on it, and a 2022 release window. 

The brief teaser reveals that the game will introduce us to the story of Marissa Marcel, an actress who starred in three movies that were never released, before disappearing. In the ominous clip, we see posters for these three movies - Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything - which slowly go up in flames, before we hear the voice of Marissa say: "My name is Marissa Marcel, I'm 17 years old, and it's my dream to be an actress." 

Immortality also has a stellar writing line-up working on the game as well. It includes Allan Scott, who wrote the seminal horror classic Don't Look Now as well as working on the Netflix hit The Queen's Gambit, novelist Amelia Gray who has also written on Maniac,  Mr. Robot, and Sam Barlow's previous game Telling Lies, and finally, Barry Gifford, who penned the David Lynch movies Lost Highway and Wild at Heart. It's a murderers' row of writing talent and one with a significant pedigree when it comes to unusual and surreal narratives.  

Sam Barlow has been teasing this game for a while now, with a teaser page for Project Ambrosio going live on Steam last year. We now have a much better idea about some of the clue that page has been hiding, such as what Ambrosio is, and the game's release date, although we're still none the wiser why "You do not want this. ███ ██ █████" is hidden in the game's system requirements information. 

We also know that this will be more of a horror game, with Barlow writing on the Half Mermaid blog on why he is crafting a more sleep-troubling tale: "I am particularly interested in a kind of horror that exists on the periphery of your vision, one that once injected into your brain isn’t easily flushed out when you turn the screen off. For this to work the real horror has to take place in those dark places off screen, the places where I’ve been working diligently in Her Story and Telling Lies. This time when we prod your suspension of disbelief, it’s going to hurt."

Immortality is due to launch on PC sometime in 2022.
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