This iconic Ghostbusters character is returning for the reboot

We've known for a while that several cast members from the original are set to cameo in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but one fan-favorite character has only been rumored up until this point. Slimer. No-one involved in the movie had confirmed or denied the presence of that green, binge-eating spectre. Well, that is, until now.

Michael K. Williams spilled the beans during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’m not going to lie, working with Melissa, and Kristen, and Kate, was really dope,” he said. “But I got to work with Slimer, dude. Like Slimer!!! I’m in a scene with Slimer! I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan and it was a dream come true.”

Question is, will he get 'slimed'? If the previous Ghostbusters movies have taught us anything, it's that people in positions of authority tend to get doused in Slimer's ectoplasm. Williams goes on to reveal details about his character that suggests he's a solid candidate for the same treatment.

“I play the FBI agent who works for the mayor,” he says, “Our whole thing is, we’re going to tell the people it was a flash in the sky and ‘Run along little women with your ghosts, we got this.’" He adds that working on Paul Feig's reboot was "a dream job," before praising the movie's line-up of new paranormal exterminators. "They’re at the top of their game, man... I have so much respect for these ladies.”

Directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters opens in UK and US cinemas on July 15, 2016.

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