Hugh talks Wolverine with TF

How ever much we love them, the occasional actor has been known to come over a little like a prima donna – yes, we know, shocking isn’t it.

One fella you could never level that accusation at however, is Hugh Jackman. Other than the fact that he’s not a small bloke and would probably be pretty handy in a ruck, the Aussie oak just loves his action movies and makes no bones about it.

“I love them and in terms of action movies, Wolverine is the greatest role I’ve had,” Jackman says of his much publicised Wolverine spin-off flick. “This is why we’re developing something with Fox right now. I’ve read the comic books and I know how rich they are, there’s still some meat on the bone with this guy. I’m not coming back for the money or because I worry about working, I feel like I want to slice ‘n’ dice a little more.”

While creating the third movie in the X-Men franchise, Hugh and his co-stars went through the unique experience of working with three different directors.

“You can’t underestimate what Bryan Singer did, he laid the foundations for this world where the characters came to life. Then Matthew Vaughn came in and I think he helped develop the best script we’d had, so he deserves credit for that.” Finally, Rush Hour helmer Brett Ratner arrived at the top table, much maligned by fanboys, his appointment has added to the films’ anticipation – but what did he bring to the party?

“Brett knew he wanted to make it funnier, sexier and more emotional – now I can’t comment on sexier but the other two things, I think he achieved. So, although it’s not a case study for a perfect production, I think ultimately the movie has been better for it.”

Thinking we might have caught the jovial Jackman in a serious mood, we ask him who are his heroes in life? He takes a breath and carefully considers his answer…

“I’d have to say Harry Kewell, maybe Ricky Ponting,” he cracks a wide smile. “Although Harry’s got a groin strain but he’ll be back for the World Cup - get well soon Harry.”

Well, we tried.

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