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Hugh Jackman: "The Wolverine script is ready!"

While he’s out doing the press rounds for Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, Hugh Jackman has also been chatting about the status of the long-gestating Wolverine spin-off.

Despite the time spent bubbling away in the depths of Development Hell, it now seems that writer David Benioff has finished the script to everyone’s satisfaction. “We've now signed off on the script. If you know about the history of the X-Men movies, that's a revolution for us. We're a year away from shooting the film and we have the script," Jackman told "And, by the way, it is unbelievable. It's a David Benioff script. He's probably the hottest writer going around town, and he was beating down our door to write this movie. It was the most amazing thing.”

At present, according to Jackman, there’s no director attached to the movie. But that situation could change very quickly. “I've got a couple of movies coming out in the next month, and I might be able to tell you who the director is by then. We're seriously into talking about it now."

Finally, while the story is definitely a prequel, it won’t be using the elements of the Japanese tale that recent comics have focused on after Logan’s origin story. “At present, no. That is still something we really want to do. What we need to do is establish who he is and find out how he became Wolverine," Jackman explained.

Oh, and he’s interested in a sequel. Let’s wait and see how the first does, shall we, Hugh?