Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine sequel

Last week we heard that Fox are keen to press forward with a sequel to The Wolverine , and now Hugh Jackman has spoken about the discussions he’s had on the matter with director James Mangold.

“I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last night,” says Jackman. “There are some really cool ideas that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [ fully ] formed yet.

"I do want to do it with Jim and with [ producer ] Lauren Shuler-Donner,” continues Jackman, “because we had such a great experience. I’m really proud of The Wolverine .”

That said, he won’t be rushing into anything until there is a proper story idea in place that justifies him dusting off the claws for the umpteenth time.

“I don’t want to dive into another one until we have a compelling reason to do another one. I love the character, he’s kind of like a best friend to me, and I don’t ever want to take [ him ] or the fans for granted.

“I think we’ve got a great opportunity to make something really cool, but it has to be great. That’s what we’re all working toward.”

Jackman can next be seen as Wolverine in X-Men: Days Of Future Past , which opens in the UK on 22 May 2014.

George Wales

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