Hugh Jackman is The Tourist

It was announced back at Cannes that Hugh Jackman had signed up to The Tourist for director Marcel Langenegger.

And now there’s a little more detail about the movie, including the fact that Ewan McGregor has also agreed to play a role.

Written by Mark Bomback (Constantine), Patrick Marber (Closer) and Jason Keller, The Tourist has distinctly Fight Club overtones as Jonathan (McGregor), an accountant who has become disconnected from life, finds a friend in the charming lawyer Wyatt (Jackson). His new best mate introduces him to The List, a mysterious and enticing sex club. There, he meets the woman of his dreams… Only for her to vanish, leaving the shell-shocked bean counter the prime suspect in her disappearance (and possible murder) and in the frame for a $20 million theft. Whoops…

This will be the superbly named Langenegger’s first film, and he’ll start shooting in October in New York.