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Who's ready for some more news about Pokemon Sword and Shield? We know we are. Yes, the Official Pokemon Company revealed another Galar Research update is heading our way today, October 16, and is sure to give us more insight into the new Pokemon adventure in the Galar region. 

We've had plenty of updates in all different shapes and sizes already in the lead up to the release date on November 15, including a 24 hour livestream in Glimwood Tangle that revealed the pastel Galarian Ponyta exclusive to Pokemon Shield, and the cryptic glitchy reveal of the first ever Farfetch'd evolution Sirfectch'd exclusive to Pokemon Sword. In previous research updates we've also been introduced to a variety of Gen 8 Pokemon including Galarian forms like the top hat wearing Galarin Weezing and the Kiss tribute band Pokemon Zigzagoon. 

Since the updates always give us something to get excited about - and we're always eager to learn more about our upcoming go at trying to be the best there ever was - you won't want to miss the latest stream. If you're not sure where to watch it, we've got you covered. 

How to watch the Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar research update 

The stream is set to start today on October 16 at 6am PDT/ 2pm BST. We don't yet know how long it will run for, but if it's anything like past streams it could be anywhere between 10-15 minutes, or we could even be treated to something a bit longer - although that is less likely. You can catch the latest update on the Official Pokemon Company's YouTube channel, or even catch up on Twitter and Facebook.

We don't yet know what will be shown, but we could very well see some new Galarian Pokemon with more fantastic designs inspired by the setting, or get to see more features in the new region we'll get to play around with when the game launches on November 15. It's also not outside the realms of the possibility that we could even get a new gameplay trailer. 

Recently the Pokemon Secret club in Japan revealed a more in-depth look at the Galar region's starting town, so maybe it could even be about that. Regardless, every update always introduces us to something new, and it's sure to get us even more excited about our return to the world of Pokemon. 

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