Unicorn Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield

(Image credit: Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Company has revealed that Galarian Ponyta is going to be exclusive to Pokemon Shield, joining a few other Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusive variants. The *cough* "Unique Horn" Pokemon was revealed in the 24-hour Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream, which showed footage from the forest area in the Galar region known as Glimwood Tangle. 

After hours and hours of waiting, the little unicorn-like pony bounded out onto the screens and everyone immediately fell in love with the adorable pastel Ponyta variant. Another Galarian Ponyta joined the first and warmed our hearts by snuggling up together and showing off its glowing mane. 

After the initial reveal, it was pretty quiet on the Ponyta front while we waited for Sonya to put together information about the exciting new addition to the Pokemon world. Finally, we got some more insight into the magical creature and its abilities. According the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website, the Ponyta's new look is a result of the energy of the forest area that's unique to the Galar region. The Galarian form has been around since ancient times and has the power to absorb the energy surrounding it. Once it has too much energy, its mane will get even more colourful and even glow, which is likely why it did during the livestream event. 

As a Psychic Pokemon it has the moves Run Away and a new ability called Pastel Veil, which prevents Pokemon around it from being poisoned. What a good pony. So far Sirfetch'd - the Galarian take on Farfetch'd - is the other Pokemon we know of who will be exclusive to the Pokemon Sword version. 

For now though, check out all the other critters revealed for the Gen 8 Pokemon list.

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