Pokemon Sword and Shield Sirfetch'd revealed, and it's magnificent

Pokemon Sword and Shield
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Last week the official Pokemon Company posted a teaser for a mysterious pixelated Pokemon  coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield who was apparently glitched out. Lots of folks speculated that the Pokemon looked like a new version Farfetch'd coming to the Galar region and, as it turns out, they were right. Sirfetch'd is real, folks. Yep, people even accurately guessed the name before the big reveal. 

Farfetch'd is a Flying Normal type Pokemon who held a trusty leek at their side. The majestic Sirfetch'd coming to the Galar region is a duck Pokemon who evolves from Farfetch'd after "experiencing many battles." As a Fighting Pokemon, Sirfetch'd is exclusive to the Sword version and wields a spear-shaped leek and a leafy shield. It also has a special move known as Meteor Assault that can only be learned by them. In the reveal trailer it does quite a dazzling little head turn and shows off its charging prowess. You could say Sirfetch'd is quite fetching... alright, I'll leave. 

The official Pokemon Company said the glitched out Pokemon shown on September 13, was a result of Rotom the Electric/Ghost type Pokemon. Oh, Rotom. What are you like. Some of the artistic interpretations of the pixelated Pokemon were really quite impressively spot on, and I for one absolutely love the design. 

Sirfetch'd joins other Galarian forms such as the oh so sophisticated Galarian Wheezing complete with a top hat and smoky moustache, and the Kiss wannabe bandmates Zigzagoon and Linoone. The designs so far have been so fun and inventive and we really can't wait to see what else the Galar region has in store for us when Pokemon and Sword releases November 15, 2019. 

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