How to watch the Square Enix E3 2019 conference

Whether you're hungry for more Final Fantasy 7 remake news or you're holding out for some more Quiet Man-caliber weirdness, you'll want to know how to watch the Square Enix 2019 conference. Historically, Square Enix shows are wild cards that are either really good or really not-good, and in either case, this year's show will be something to see. Here's how to watch the Square Enix 2019 conference.

You can tune in on the Square Enix website or via the publisher's YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. Here's when the show starts: 

US West Coast: 6 pm PT

US East Coast: 9 pm ET

UK: 2 am GMT

Europe: 3 am CET

Square Enix constantly has multiple, massive, blue-sky-proposal games in the works, so we're expecting a focus on updates. The Final Fantasy 7 remake is on the tip of everyone's tongue, and we could really do with some more details after *checks notes* four years, but it won't be the only big game at the publisher's show. A recent leak indicates Marvel's Avengers - that is, the Avenger's Project - will finally be shown, and with a gameplay reveal no less, though it isn't scheduled to launch until 2020. 

With Kingdom Hearts 3 still in our rear-view mirror, we're also expecting some news on its upcoming ReMIND DLC, which will add new episodes and bosses. Then there's Tokyo RPG Factory, who you may know from its recent releases I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, which will release action-RPG Oninaki fairly soon. And let's not forget Dying Light 2, which is looking better by the week. 

Stay up to date on all the other developments this week with our E3 2019 schedule and our round-up of all the big E3 2019 games. If you're looking for some more experimental and compact titles, check out our list of the best indie games we've seen at E3 2019.

Austin Wood

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