How to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy online

LeBron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy
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Avoiding the cinemas? Then let us show you how to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy online right now. The movie will only be available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days after the same-day July 16 premiere with the cinemas. 

In order to watch the movie day-in-day with its cinematic release, you will need an HBO Max subscription - specifically the $14.99 per month version - for the ad-free experience which also enables you to stream content in UHD. The other plan - $9.99 a month featuring ads - will not grant you access to the movie; don't get caught out.

Watching Space Jam: A New Legacy through HBO Max is a much more convenient - and cheaper - way of viewing the movie than going to pictures - where tickets in some theaters can average $25-per-head! 

If you haven't caught up with Space Jam - which stars Michael Jordan - and want to know the full story heading into Space Jam: A New Legacy, that's not a problem, as the first movie is available to stream right now on HBO Max too, so you don't need to be in the dark on what business Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, and company are doing shooting hoops in the first place. 

Taking place after the events of the original 1996 movie - though more of a reboot than a sequel in its own right - Space Jam: A New Legacy will see basketball legend - LeBron James - transported to the cartoon world in a bid to rescue his son from the clutches of the Serververse A.I.

Similar to the first movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy blends together a variety of different styles - both 2D and 3D computer animation - alongside live-action for an experience that melds the genres of sports film and Looney Tunes again - just as it was over two decades before it.

When you've had your fill of action on the court, there are thousands of other movies to watch, such as the critically acclaimed Tenet and Zack Snyder's Justice League to sink your teeth into next.

Watch Space Jam: A New Legacy Online


HBO Max | $14.99 per month
The best way to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy is through a subscription to the ad-free version of HBO Max, which not only gives you access to the movie in 4K, but also thousands of other movies and TV shows, including the original Space Jam, for a low monthly price - especially when compared to the cost of cinema tickets nowadays. It's also cheaper than buying one Ultra HD Blu-ray movie!

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