Nintendo Switch Indie World: How to watch and what to expect

If you know how to watch the Nintendo Indie World presentation for December 2021, you'll be ready to see some of the most exciting games on the horizon for Switch.

The latest edition of Nintendo's indie-focused video broadcast series is set to begin today, December 15, at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT, and you can catch it right here via the above Twitch embed. 

Nintendo says Indie World will run for "roughly 20 minutes" and will be packed full of info on new games headed to Switch, though it stops short of confirming any specific titles which may be featured.

Indie World presentations typically contain a mix of updates on previously announced games as well as all-new announcements. It's tough to say what the latter will be, but we can at least make some educated guesses about the former.

For instance, it's been a long time since Hollow Knight developer Team Cherry has had anything new to share about its hotly anticipated sophomore effort, Hollow Knight: Silksong. If the studio wants to share any major news about the Switch console exclusive, perhaps even a release date, this may be its last big forum to do so before the new year arrives.

The same could be said of Sports Story, the follow-up to the surprise hit Switch exclusive Golf Story. Developer Sidebar Games initially planned to release the sports comedy sequel in 2020 but delayed it to accommodate growing plans (including a full-fledged tennis career, on top of the usual golf career and various other minigames). A new trailer for Sports Story wouldn't be out of place either.

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Connor Sheridan

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