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Netflix has finally rolled out its password sharing crackdown plans. The headline news is: you can no longer share your Netflix account with others outside of your household – unless you sign up for the new ‘extra members’ plan.

Obviously, that’s going to be a box-set-sized headache for everyone who wants to continue streaming and using Netflix with their family and friends. But we’re here to help. Below, we’ve answered all your key questions on continuing to share your Netflix subscription with others, including new costs, restrictions, and how to add ‘extra members’ to your account.

Can I share my Netflix account with others?

You can no longer use one Netflix account across multiple households/people not living with you. That feature is now locked behind the ‘extra members’ add-on – which allows the primary Netflix user to share their account with someone who isn’t living with them for a monthly fee. That’s only available to those on the Standard or Premium Netflix tiers.

The primary Netflix user, however, can still watch Netflix on-the-go away from their household – whether that’s abroad, on the commute, or elsewhere.

When do Netflix password sharing restrictions start?

Right now, it appears to be a gradual process. As of May 23, Netflix has announced it will start sending emails out to subscribers who are using the service outside of their household. Basically: watch this space – and check your inbox.

How to add extra members on Netflix

There are multiple ways to add extra members on Netflix so they can also use your account.

You can buy an extra member slot through Netflix’s extra member page on a web browser. The option is also available via your Account page on Netflix. Once there, you can set up an extra member slot, and also decide whether to give them a completely fresh account or to transfer their own Netflix profile from their previous account.

Fill in the info, including the person’s email address. They will then receive a code to sign up as your extra member.

You can also add extra members via Smart TVs. You’ll be met with a warning that says ‘to keep sharing with someone who doesn’t live with you, please add an extra member'. Follow the instructions and then give the person’s phone number. They will receive a text to let them sign up as part of your account.

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How much does adding extra members cost on Netflix?

Extra members cost $7.99 a month each in the US and £4.99 a month in the UK. The full cost – including your current Netflix subscription – has to be paid by the primary account holder. 

What does an extra member get on Netflix?

An extra member gets all the perks a normal Netflix subscriber does: same shows, same movies, same everything. They even get their own separate account and password so it feels like it’s still their ‘own’ account.

Why can’t I add extra members on Netflix?

There are multiple reasons why you might not be able to add extra members on Netflix. Firstly, there’s a limit – only two people can be added (and only one if you’re on a Standard plan). Netflix currently won’t allow more than that.

There are also other restrictions: The extra member also has to live in the same country as the primary account holder; you can only add extra members twice in the same billing period; you cannot add an extra member if you have cancelled your subscription, and you cannot add an extra member if you pay via a third-party – such as a phone plan.

How many people can I share my Netflix account with?

Standard users can only share their Netflix account with one other person. The Premium tier, however, does allow you to share your Netflix account – via extra members – with two people.

Can I continue sharing Netflix in my household?

Yes, you can keep sharing your Netflix account across multiple devices in the same household. Small mercies and all that.

There you have it. While you figure out who will be sharing your Netflix account, be sure to check out some of the best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies to watch next.

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