How to get Fortnite: Save the World's IRL Storm King pin reward for free

The final boss battle for Fortnite: Save the World's main story arc is live, and Epic is giving away a neat IRL memento for anybody who manages to best it by New Year's Day. No, it isn't a real-life pickaxe you can use to smash down your neighbor's house and collect the precious building components inside... it's a pin! Of the big bad Storm King! It's adorable! And it's yours for free (no shipping even) if you manage to take out its in-game counterpart in time.

The battle against the Storm King comes at the end of Canny Valley Act 3, which also marks the conclusion of the retroactively titled Stand and Fight Campaign. In other words, it's the culmination of the main storyline that players have been participating in since Fortnite: Save the World opened in early access back in July 2017. And the fight has a level of challenge to match the gravity of the event; you'll need powerful equipment and a deep well of materials on hand to take out the Storm King.

It's not an OG Destiny raid or anything - it tells you what you need to do at every stage - but it will still test you. You can watch a team of four power The Storm King down in a little under 10 minutes if you don't mind spoilers.

You must defeat The Storm King by January 1, 2019 at 11:59pm EST / 8:59 pm PST / January 2 at 4:59am GMT to earn a pin. You also must have a linked Epic Games account with a valid email address and multi-factor authorization enabled. Once you take down the King, you should get a "Storm King Pin" quest and receive an in-game notification to check your email for further instructions. Here are the full, official rules for winning a pin.

Oh, and you do still need to buy a Founder's Pack to play. Sadly, Fortnite: Save the World's free-to-play transition got delayed out of this year.

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