Hotline Miami Collection bundles both games for Switch and you can get it right now

Hotline Miami Collection is live on Switch right now, bringing both the original Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 to Nintendo's home-and-handheld console. The reveal was one of the final bits of news during its recent Indie World presentation, and it's something that fans of the hypnotically hyper-violent top-down shooter have been asking for since Switch was first announced.

The Hotline Miami Collection bundles both of the games in one $24.99 package (UK price TBA, probably around £19.99) which is about right since the first one costs $9.99 and the second one costs $14.99 right now. As far as "Switch taxes" go, a one cent price increase isn't bad. Despite a recent hoax pointing toward a new Hotline Miami announcement, the developers themselves have made it clear that they consider Hotline Miami a two-part story that is now finished.

The original Hotline Miami came out in 2012. Its split-second action required both fast reflexes and puzzle-like problem solving, and its distorted visuals and grinding synthwave soundtrack left a neon-laced thumbprint on our collective consciousnesses (it didn't hurt that the movie Drive came out a year before, admittedly). Its sequel, fully titled Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, followed in 2015 and was more of the same - though it didn't have quite the same initial impact, it's still an essential part of the experience.

Both games previously appeared on PlayStation Vita, but I think the Switch's bigger screen size will probably make for a better handheld experience. Or you can just play it on the big screen at home, if you're worried about people in public seeing you play a game where you wear a horse mask and use its strength to door-slam bad guys into bloody pulp.

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