Where to find bluegleam in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

West of the colourful hot springs

Amount: 3

Teleport to the campfire to the west of the colourful hot springs. Follow the road north, and when it splits take the easternmost path. Run directly ahead and you’ll see platforms leading up the beige rock. Climb all the way up, and you’ll find the first bluegleam. Keep going north and you’ll find the next set of handholds leading up the clifface. Just by some rusted railings is the second bit of bluegleam. Gather it, then climb up the snowy slope that’s at the east and follow it around right to the southern edge, where you’ll find the last bit of bluegleam to the right of some pine trees.

South of the colourful hot springs 

Amount: 1

Like before, make your way to the campfire on the west of the colourful hot springs. Run southwest in a direct line, along the snowy slope. Keep going in this direction and you’ll find some bluegleam in front of some rocks. 

On the road south of the colourful hot springs

Amount: 3

Travel to the campfire in the middle of the map, to the west of Longshot. Glinthawks will often attack you as soon as you spawn, so watch out for them. First, head directly south east up the snowy slope to find the first bit of bluegleam - it’s in front of a shallow ridge of rocks. Return to the campfire, and this time head west along the side of the mountain. In a V-shaped nook in the mountain face, there’s the bluegleam right in front of a pine tree. 

Keep heading southwest down the road. Go past the charger site and follow the road west until you get to the dead tree and the bunting overlooking the charger site. Head southeast to find the bluegleam near the edge of the cliff. 

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South of the map

Amount: 3

Travel to the campfire in the south of the map, the one that’s right next to ruined tents. Head southwest to the top of the ridge, where you’ll find three bits of bluegleam close to a fallen tree. 

East of the map, south of Longshot

Amount: 2

Go to the campfire south west of Longshot. Follow the road east, until you get to the south side of the lake. When the road bulges suddenly to the south, start running south towards the multiple fallen trees in the distance. Here you’ll find two bits of bluegleam.