Horizon Forbidden West players are impressed by updated graphics - and that's before Burning Shores

horizon burning shores dlc
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Horizon Forbidden West's latest patch apparently makes the game look even better, and that's before players even reached the new Burning Shores DLC.

Yesterday, a brand new patch for Horizon Forbidden West went live, shortly before the Burning Shores DLC launched today on April 19. After the patch went live, players noticed that the clouds, of all things, looked weirdly better than before, with some players noticing their particle effects were even better.

Base Game Upgrade from r/horizon

Clouds looking better might seem a bit weird at first, but this makes perfect sense considering developer Guerrilla's previous comments. Earlier this year, the Horizon Forbidden West developer said Burning Shores would be upgrading clouds to make them "explorable landscapes" for players to roam around in.

"I kinda was thinking it looks a little better too but its looks so amazing already that i couldn’t say [for] sure," one commenter writes underneath the Horizon subreddit post above. Another commenter notes that Forbidden West's water also looks better than before, with "more of a shine to it."

"As soon as I jumped into the game I noticed graphics were even more good than before," responds another player. There's at least a dozen players in the comments of the subreddit post sounding off on various ways they think Horizon Forbidden West looks even better than before.

Earlier this year actually, Guerrilla did say Burning Shores would look even better because it was ditching the PS4 to be a PS5-exclusive DLC. It's obviously sad news for PS4 players who've accompanied Aloy throughout her sequel adventure so far, but it seems like Guerrilla's hard work is already paying off to impress players before they reach the Burning Shores of Los Angeles.

Check out our guide covering how to start the Horizon Burning Shores DLC and download the new add-on if it's stuck.

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