The full Horizon Forbidden West map shows a huge world to explore

Horizon Forbidden West map
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The Horizon Forbidden West map is huge, and if you want to see it all then you've got a lot of exploring ahead of you to remove the fog that's covering it up from the beginning. However, if you want to see the whole game map then we've got it revealed here, which naturally means there are big spoilers ahead if you don't want to know where your adventures will take you. If you're happy to see what lies ahead in Horizon Forbidden West then we'll show you the whole game area so you can get a sense of scale, followed by a break down of the individual regions for a closer look at where you're going.

So, with that spoiler warning in mind, let's take a look at the full Horizon Forbidden West map, and all of the regions Aloy will get to travel through.

Full Horizon Forbidden West map

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This full Horizon Forbidden West map shows the entire in-game area uncovered (click on it to see it full size). It obviously doesn't start like that - when you begin it's all covered by fog that's slowly lifted as you physically move through areas. The various markers also all start life as question marks, with their true identity only revealed when you get within about 50-ish meters. 

This whole world is roughly split into four areas that you'll move through from right to left as the story progresses. Although, as you can find and take on side missions, errands and other activities in whatever order you'll find them, you will often find yourself moving a lot between the different areas. 

To give you a better idea of each region let's take a look now at at each one in turn more closely. 

The Daunt

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The Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West is your sort of starter area. While it's one of the smaller areas, it doesn't feel that way when you first arrive and has plenty to do. The main settlement is Chainscrape, a mining town with a lot of side mission threads to pull at, and people to talk to. It's worth doing as much as you can here as you'll be able to level and and get some good gear to set you up for the next area. 

Plainsong / No Man's Land

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The second area you'll reach on the Horizon Forbidden West map is defined by Plainsong, the home of the a peaceful farming tribe called the Utaru. But it's also No Man's Land - a dangerous area between East and West where aggressive Tenakth rebels start to appear. You'll also find much more dangerous machines than in The Daunt, including your first Thunderjaw if you really want to test your skills. 

Shining Wastes / Still Sands

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The Shining Wastes / Still Sands regions of the map are where things really start to hot up. If you haven't been levelling up and investing in gear, this is where you're really going to start feeling it. There's a lot of dangerous machines here, and when you first settle in you'll find running away is often the best option until you feel more powerful. Even then you're likely to discover more than a few machines that will really test your skills. 

The Long Coast / Isle of Spires

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You'll make more than a few scouting trips into the The Long Coast and Isle of Spires area as the game moves into the last half, but you never entirely settle there like you do the other areas. It means you can easily finish the game with a lot of uncovered space to explore and have plenty left to look into post gam depending how deeply you've involved yourself with the side missions. This is the sort of end game area so you'll really want to seek out the best gear and grind some other activities to make life easier here. 

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