How to solve Horizon Forbidden West Vista Points

Horizon Forbidden West Vista Points serve as puzzles within the game world, and there are nine of them in total to track down and work out a solution for. To help you through that process, we've got both the locations and a description of how to solve each of them in Horizon Forbidden West, leading you to the poles that trigger the start and then the place where you'll find the required view. Each of these Vista Points provides you with a glimpse into the past, so you can see how things were in that location during the before times. To begin one of these puzzles, you need to look for a telegraph pole like this and then scan it:

Vista Points in Horizon Forbidden West

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Scan this with your focus and you'll be given a glowing purple outline you need to find. Explore nearby to get the exact point and this will align with a real-world view, completing the Vista Point objective. 

Below, you'll find where to find and complete all of the Horizon Forbidden West Vista Points. 

The Daunt Vista Point

The Daunt Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

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The Daunt Vista Point is the first one you'll find in the game and, thankfully, the easiest one to solve. Just to get you into the swing of things. 

The solution is to stand on the little ruined bridge and look across at the Ruins across the river.

Plainsong Vista Point

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The Plainsong Vista Point is a surprisingly long way away from your starting place which can be confusing if you feel like you're going too far. What you'll need to do is head up the cliffs to the south. 

Here you'll find an old, broken down viewing platform that's very close to the ruin of the wind turbine. Look out and a little to the right and the Vista Point will unlock. 

Scalding Spear Vista Point

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

The Scalding Spear Vista Point thankfully is painfully clear about what you'll need to be looking at in order to unlock the Vista Point. 

Just up from the telegraph pole is an old viewing platform, which you'll need to get on top of using the log that's conveniently fallen in just the right way to act as a bridge. There are a few Sunwings guarding it though, so be warned. 

You can see the place you'll need to find in the second image in the above gallery. 

The Stillsands Vista Point

The Stillsands Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Looking out across the desert, the Stillsands Vista Point is fairly straight forward. Just take a little hop and a skip behind where you start. 

As you can see above, the telegraph pole actually forms part of the Vista Point itself, with the skyline of what's left of Las Vegas forming the rest. 

Dunehollow Vista Point

Dunehollow Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

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The Dunehollow Vista Points is definitely the most infuriating of all one you have to find in Horizon Forbidden West. It's underground, in the belly on Las Vegas, accessible via the lifts at the Hidden Ember settlement.

While the actual start point is to the south of Dunehollow, the solution is on the half-decayed bridge to the north.

Dunehollow Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Head to the eastmost point on that bridge where there are no railings, and a little almost triangular section that juts out. There's a line here (pictured above) that you'll need to stand on, in the middle, in order to make the Vista Point click in. 

However, it's incredibly fussy, so you may need to wiggle a little around to make it pop. It doesn't exactly align with the ruins that are there when it does pop, which makes it all the more confusing. 

The Memorial Grove Vista Point

The Memorial Grove Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

The Memorial Grove Vista Point is spot on thematically, with the clue alluding to an old airfield. 

Just head up the mountains a little to the east and you'll find a now rather familiar old viewpoint location, where you'll be able to align the radar dish to unlock the Vista Point. 

The Long Coast Vista Point

The Long Coast Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

The Long Coast Vista Point is another fussy one in that you've got to get right on the edge of the rock to make it pop. However, go to the map marker indicated above - just down the beach from the pick-up pole - then you'll be able to figure it out pretty quickly.

From there, just look across at the oddly square building, which doesn't much look like anything on the actual clue, and it'll pop. 

Shrouded Heights Vista Point

The Shrouded Heights Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

For the Shrouded Heights Vista Point, you'll ideally need the ability to fly, which you'll get as part of the main story missions during a late-game quest called Wings of the Ten. 

That's because to actually unlock the Vista Point you'll need to climb to the very top of the skeletal metal tower which we've marked on the map above with Aloy's position. It's fairly close to where you pick it up, but nowhere near the suggested solution zone the game gives you. 

It is possible to climb to the top without the ability to fly, but it's not easy, and with Aloy's awkwardness around climbing and leaping from handhold to handhold, it can be fatally frustrating. 

The actual Vista Point unlocks right near the top, on a small yellow strut that pokes out from one of the corner spokes (pictured above). Look out over the crumbling skyscraper ruins and you'll grab the point. 

Isle of Spires Vista Point

The Shrouded Heights Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Finally, we've got the Isle of Spires Vista Point, which is another awkward one - and it's underwater. You'll need the diving mask obtained through the Poseidon mission in the main campaign before starting this one. 

Once you've picked up the Vista Point clue, go to the spot marked on the map above. 

Once you're in that general vicinity, look on the sea bed for a yellow handhold, which you'll no doubt recognize as one of the underwater "boost" points seen elsewhere in the game. 

Swim near it but don't hit triangle to boost, and Aloy will hold onto it. The minute she does, the Vista Point will unlock automatically. 

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