Horizon Forbidden West gets Burning Shores DLC in 2023

Horizon Forbidden West
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A Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC expansion is officially on the way, with a release date set for April 19, 2023.

A brief teaser trailer shows Aloy flying toward the expansion's setting, as some very large robotic creatures wreak havoc on the Hollywood sign.

The official announcement comes after much speculation and rumor about an upcoming expansion. Earlier this year, players noticed an area in the world of Horizon Forbidden West that many theorised could serve as the location of a future DLC. The area featured a big archway with lit braziers that could be seen at the top of cliff face when riding on the back of a Sunwing. If you attempt to go to this area, though, the game will state that you can't go any further. There was certainly some credence to the idea given that Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC The Frozen Wilds introduced a whole new area to Aloy's adventure. 

Back in October, yet more fuel was added to the DLC fire when Horizon Forbidden West actor Lance Reddick appeared to tease new content for the game in a now-deleted tweet. Interestingly, Burning Shores is a location that's alluded to in the game world itself in a diary entry, but you can't actually go there. Said to be south of Spinebreak, it's said to be "the place of brines and flames"

With Horizon Forbidden West initially releasing in February of this year, the DLC gives us an excuse to return to the lush, expansive world once more and spend more time with Aloy. The Frozen Wilds DLC was quite an involved addition, with a whole new setting to explore and plenty of quests to get stuck into. If that's anything to go, Forbidden West's expansion will hopefully keep us just as busy. 

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